Welcome Diabetes... Talk to someone who can help! © ARCH Psychological Services 2012 Made with Xara Are you managing diabetes or is diabetes managing you? A get-real (and deal) series to put diabetes in perspective We promise: no more ‘helpful advice.’ Everyone comes to terms with chronic illness differently.  Walk with us on that journey & discover new ways of expressing your unique view of life with diabetes – the good, the bad, & the ugly. Heard enough about diabetes management?  Let’s look beyond all the oh-so-helpful suggestions and stigma of chronic illness.  Turn the sting of daily management into zest for what you want out of life. “I won’t let my diabetes    be a ball and chain.” The next ARCH Diabetes group meets alternate Monday evenings from 630 to 8pm (April 2, 16 & 30, May 14 & 28, June 11 2012) Cost is $350 for the six-evening series. Healthy snacks will be provided. Call Rebecca at 428-9223 for more information & to register. Materials & registration also available at  http://diabetes.archpsychological.com/news Stasia Lucki, M.Psych.                                                Tanya Spencer, Ph.D. Our Team Registered Psychologists Our philosophy We treat people like people, not patients You are not a problem to be solved You can get what you want out of life Stop diabetes from standing in your way You know yourself better than anyone else, even your health care provider Celebrating 25 years 1987 – 2012 The Program A world I never made               April 2  Session 1 Is diabetes the world’s worst houseguest?  Can I have a life between self-deprivation, guilt, and blood-level checks?  Is the me with diabetes standing in the way of the real me?  How do I get a normal life? Get these blues off me             April 16     Session 2 Diabetes can cause confusion, memory lapses, and depression.  New tools for managing mood & worry. Change in your lovin’               April 30    Session 3 Diabetes affects those around you.  Their reactions affect how you manage.  Lots of good intentions?  Do they see diabetes first and you second?  Do they worry less about you & more about what you eat? You and me, me and you              May 14      Session 4 Bring a partner, friend, or family member to explore the shared meaning of living with diabetes.  How do relationships affect how change happens? Having my say                       May 28       Session 5 Why do visits to the doctor / nurse / dietician feel like getting sent to the principal’s office?  If they’re so smart, why don’t they ‘get it? Bring it home to me                 June 11    Session 6 Knowing what I know now, what does that change?  How do I get what I need? ARCH Psychological Services              39 Commonwealth Building 9912 – 106 Street Edmonton Alberta T5K 1C5 Phone 780.428.9223 Fax   780.428.7061      arch@archpsychological.com www.archpsychological.com 
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